Episode 10: How to find your Glitter Frequency with author Lovisa Alsen

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I love it when I meet people who devote their lives to empowering women. My guest today, Lovisa Alsen, is an author and entrepreneur from Sweden who is doing just that. Lovisa teaches women leaders and entrepreneurs how to access their feminine life-force through embodied pleasure, power and presence—connecting women with the Glitter Frequency.

(Doesn’t that sound fun? Anything with glitter is a must in my book!)

Lovisa’s extensive background in coaching, leadership, mindfulness, journalism and more has led her to a place today where she can use her creativity to reach and empower thousands of women.

We talk about:

The importance of taking a more feminine approach to business and exploring spiritual tools, like the Enneagram, to enhance personal growth.

How writing, soul and spirit work, and shadow work can be used to empower women and reconnect with their deeper selves.

The importance of embracing qualities such as presence, power, and curiosity for transformation and newfound freedom.

And much more!

Chapter Breakdown:

Exploring the World through Writing and Self-Leadership

00:00 – 09:38

Exploring Magic, Fantasy, and Human Growth Through Writing

09:38 – 18:00

Finding the Balance: Writing, Vulnerability, and the Spiritual Path

18:00 – 26:06


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lovisaalsen/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lovisaalsen