Episode 14: What it’s really like in a writer’s room with author and TV writer Matt Witten

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Ever wonder how a long-running TV series like Law and Order gets written? Or how to break into TV or film writing if you’ve been writing in a different medium?

Well, I’ve got answers for you.

Today, author, playwright and screenwriter Matt Witten joins me on the show to talk about his long, illustrious career from playwright to Agatha-award winning cozy author to series writer (he wrote for Law and Order , House and Pretty Little Liars , to name a few) to thriller writer. Oh, and there’s a Hallmark movie somewhere in there too.

We talk about:
How Matt got into TV writing
What it’s really like in those writer’s rooms
Why cozies—both book and film—should get more respect
The character that stuck with him for seven years until he figured out a plot for a thriller
How writers can think about pitching their books as a series
And tons more. If you’ve ever been curious about how to break into TV writing, you don’t want to miss this episode. And even if you don’t and just want to know what it’s like in that world, this conversation will keep you captivated.

You can find more about Matt and check out his books here: https://mattwittenwriter.com/