Episode 16: The real value of romance novels with Trisha Loehr

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As a cozy author, it’s common to run into some preconceived notions about what these books are and are not—and whether or not they’re really valuable to society. Romance writers face the same preconceptions. But my guest today is a staunch believer that all books have value, and has a great story about how romance novels not only pulled her out of a really dark time, but became a business.

Today, Trisha Loehr is a romance author herself as well as a book coach for other romance authors, and she couldn’t be happier with her choices. This conversation is about a writer embracing her calling and transforming her life and her happiness because of it.

We talk about:
• Exploring multiple career paths in a quest for a “real” job
• How writing a “serious” thriller about sex trafficking nearly derailed her writing again
• How she finally embraced the books she truly loved
• Why romance books have just as much value as any other type of writing

And so much more!

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