Episode 17: How a love of books turned into a friendship with Marcia Clark with writer and reviewer John Valeri

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I know a lot of writers and all of them love books. But no one loves them as much as John Valeri.

That love of books has completely changed his life. As he realized writers were his people, he made it his mission to champion them. By shouting out books and going deep with the authors behind them, John not only brought his unique perspective to interviews and book reviews, he’s managed to establish lifelong friendships with some of the biggest names in the industry.

This conversation spans 16 years—from the Seascape Writers Retreat back in 2007 to today.

In it, we cover his entire journey from someone who wanted to try out writing to a serious reviewer who has written for some of the largest publications in the mystery field—and beyond.

We talk about:

• How he had to psych himself out to watch horror movies—and what he discovered he loves about the really good ones

• The early mysteries that captivated his attention

• How he got started reviewing books and meeting authors

• The chain of events that brought him to bestie status with Marcia Clark

• The one author who’s still on his wish list to sit down with

And so much more. If you didn’t know John before this conversation, you’re going to want to when it’s over.

Find John at: http://www.johnbvaleri.com/