Episode 18: Why you should never give up on your story with author Raquel Drosos

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Bringing a new author to your ears today! Author Raquel Drosos joins me on the podcast today to discuss her new book, Games of Chance. The book covers the lives of three non-biological siblings, Alex, Seb and Emilia, who are raised in an Italian-American family in New Jersey after a family tragedy. The story follows the trio over a period of twenty-one years, from their childhood to their late twenties. It’s a novel about what family means and what keeps certain families together while others fall apart.

I loved this book and I loved our conversation. As a fellow Italian, I loved being invited in to another family’s approach to the culture, the food, and the age-old debate about sauce vs. gravy – and yes, we get into that in the conversation.

We talk about:
• How it took her ten years to write this book—and why it was worth the wait
• Why she made the choice to self-publish
• What happens when characters take up residence in your head and won’t leave
• What it really means to be an Italian-American (hint: There’s a lot of food involved!)
And so much more.

You can find Raquel at https://raqueldrosos.com/, along with a link to buy the book.