Episode 22: Community and co-writing with LynDee Walker

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We think of writing as such a solitary endeavor, perfect for introverts who would rather spend time with the people in their heads versus the IRL people. And while some of that is true, the really truth is – we all need a community. We all need that interaction on some level, otherwise it gets really hard.

I’ve always said my community is such a huge part of the writing life. From the broader mystery community down to my Wicked Author blog mates, I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. I got my first contract because of the Sisters in Crime New England community. When writing gets tough I turn to the Wickeds, who are great listeners, cheerleaders and voices of reason. And now I get to give back by offering community to other writers through my membership, the Creativity Lab. It really makes a difference.

My guest today is trying out a different kind of community in writing – a co-writing gig with a fellow author. LynDee Walker is the author of two best-selling series, and she teamed up with author Bruce Robert Coffin to add a third to the mix – and it’s going to be a fun one.

We talked about:

• How the collaboration came to be

• What it’s like as a pantser who had to write an outline for a whole book and hand it off to another writer

• How her own process has changed for the better thanks to the partnership

And so much more. If you’re a writer looking for ways to collaborate with other authors, you don’t want to miss this episode.

You can find out more about LynDee here: https://severnriverbooks.com/authors/lyndee-walker/

And the Turner and Mosley files here: https://severnriverbooks.com/series/the-turner-and-mosley-files/

Follow her on IG at @lyndeewalkerbooks and her co-writer, Bruce Robert Coffin, @brucerobertcoffinauthor.

You can find me at cateconte.com

or on Instagram: @lizmugavero.