Episode 26: The nomadic writing life with author Paul Trammell

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Have you ever thought about sailing off into the sunset and just writing all day long? I sure have. And today’s guest – you are going to be so jealous – did just that. Paul Trammell is a writer and a sailor. He lives on his sailboat and writes books. I mean, what a life, right?

His first book, “Alcoholics Not Anonymous, a Modern Way to Quit Drinking,” describes the method he created for himself to get sober. He used the money he saved from not drinking to buy a one-week sailing class, and soon after bought a 30′ sailboat, which he sailed alone, 1000 miles, from the west coast of Florida to the East coast. This became the subject of his second book, “Becoming a Sailor.” He now lives a nomadic life, sailing, writing, and chasing his dreams wherever they lead. He has written and self-published ten books, the most recent is “Until They Bury Me,” a psychological thriller.

We talked about a lot of things during this podcast – writing, of course, and how it became the thing that drives him every single day. But we also talked about life, and creativity, and designing your own existence – which I just love. So many of us end up doing the things we “are supposed to do” vs. what we actually want to do, and as Paul talks about, life is too short.

If you’re a writer – or dreaming of becoming one and just can’t see the path – this episode is for you.

Check out Paul’s website: https://paultrammell.com/

And find him on Instagram @trammel.paul

And check out Until They Bury Me here.