Episode 27: Perseverance, practice and putting down the remote with author Kathy Otten

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One of my favorite things about this podcast is meeting writers outside my usual circle of mystery peeps. It’s been so fun for me to get out of my own box and talk to authors in different genres. And whether I’m talking to a mystery writer or another type of writer, there’s a common thread I always hear – community and giving back to up-and-coming writers.

My guest today is no different. Kathy Otten writes in multiple genres and she credits her success with joining Pennwriters, an organization that helps writers of all levels, from the novice to the award-winning and multi-published, improve and succeed in their craft. Today she’s all about staying involved, giving back and nurturing the idea of community among writers – which makes her a perfect guest on the show.

Kathy is the author of several historical romance short stories and novels. She was a Northwest Houston RWA Lone Star winner and Utah/Salt Lake RWA Hearts of the West finalist. She teaches workshops, both in person and online, on the craft of writing and offers her services as a book coach for anyone who needs help writing their book. As a coach she offers support with project management and constructive feedback on any work submitted. With a bit of tough love and emotional support thrown in, she provides the tools for writers to complete their book and make it their very best.

We talked about:

• The best ways to improve your craft

• Prompts to get you plotting

• What a book coach actually does, and

• Really important advice that all writers need to hear.

Check out Kathy’s website: https://www.kathyotten.com/

If you’re interested in Pennwriters: https://www.pennwriters.org