Episode 29: An inside look at journalism in fiction with LynDee Walker

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Some of you may know I started my career as a journalist. It changed my life—it’s where I learned how to hit deadlines, write succinctly and capture real people in real situations in ways that touched the reader and made them care. While fiction is a different skillset, the kind of writing I did back then was a school in and of itself. But journalism also taught me life skills that I still use to this day. And it’s something that shows up in every piece of fiction I write.

My guest today, LynDee Walker, has a whole series featuring journalist Nichelle Clark (and if you haven’t read them yet, go get them NOW). Like me, she started out as a journalist and holds the profession near and dear to her heart. And it comes through in her books.

We talked about:

• How journalism teaches you life

• What drives LynDee’s Nichelle Clark in her pursuit of the truth

• How to ask the right questions

• The real-life stories that really hit home

And so much more.

You can find out more about LynDee here: https://severnriverbooks.com/authors/lyndee-walker/

And the Nichelle Clarke series here: https://severnriverbooks.com/collections/nichelle-clarke

Follow her on IG at @lyndeewalkerbooks.

Episode 22: Community and Cowriting with LynDee Walker: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/get-writing-podcast/id1673553137?i=1000621508445

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