Episode 3: How to plot even when it’s not your superpower with Jessica Ellicott

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How to plot even when it’s not your superpower (Ep. 3)

Most writers have struggled with plotting their novel at one point or another. Even if you self-identify as a plotter (as opposed to a “pantser”), plotting can stymie even the best writer.

Well, good news. In today’s episode, I’m sitting down with fellow Wicked Author and plotting queen Jessica Ellicott, who’s talking about her plotting process and how writers can find a plotting method that works for them.

We talk about:

  • How most writers are plotting even when they think they’re not
  • Why there’s no “one way” to plot a novel
  • How to think about it differently so it’s not so overwhelming
  • Why the plotting vs. pantsing debate should just stop and let everyone do what works for them

This is a fun episode and I guarantee you’ll walk away with some ideas on how to make plotting work for you—even if you’ve never plotted a scene before.

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