Episode 31: The art of the heist: From films to novels with author Tyler Schwanke

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Everyone loves a good heist story, don’t they? And one that features a strong female protagonist standing up to The Man is even better. That’s exactly the story my guest today,

Tyler Schwanke, created with his first novel, Breaking In, about a female filmmaker who stages a heist to steal back the movie that the head of her film school stole from her and made into his Hollywood comeback.

If you think the story sounds fun, wait until you hear from Tyler himself. The novel pulls from his own background in film school, where he learned how to visually tell a story—a skill that served him well when he transitioned into novels. We had a fascinating conversation about everything from:

• What makes a good heist film

• The pros and cons of turning a novel into a movie or TV show

• How to “show, not tell,” in your writing

• The road to finding an agent and publisher and what novelists should look for

And so much more.

You can find out more about Tyler here: https://www.tylerschwanke.com/

And get Breaking In here: https://bit.ly/3EFAz0j

Follow Tyler on IG at @tschwankes

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