Episode 35: How the Enneagram helps – or hinders – your writing with Claire Taylor

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If you know me, you know I’m super into the Enneagram. For those unfamiliar with the Enneagram, it’s a human personality typing system that is based on peoples’ core fears and core motivations. I’ve been using it for years to inform the way I live my life, and I’ve occasionally used it as a way to flesh out my characters when writing. But I’ve never actually thought about it as a tool to shape all aspects of my writing, from my career to my writing process.

My guest today, Claire Taylor, is a fiction strategist and the owner of FFS Media. She helps authors create aligned and sustainable writing careers using various tools, including the Enneagram. She uses the Enneagram framework to help authors create careers they love and stories that stand out, and is an Advanced Certified Instructor through the Enneagram Spectrum Method developed and taught by Dr. Jerome Wagner.

We talk about all aspects of the Enneagram, including:

• How your type guides your character development – even if you don’t know what your type is

• How it can help create ease in your writing

• How you can use the information about your type to dissolve blocks

• How you can attract your aligned audience by writing with the Enneagram

This episode is packed with great information—you definitely want to tune in. If you’re not familiar with the Enneagram, you can go to any of these sites to find out your type:

https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/ (RHETI test)



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