Episode 39: How building your community helps you become a better writer with Julie Hennrikus

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On this week’s episode, I’m sitting down for a heart-to-heart with my Wicked Author sister and dear friend, author Julie Hennrikus/Julia Henry, who has been on this ride with me for the past decade. Julie is a fierce leader—she is the executive director of Sisters in Crime, the organization that champions women in the mystery genre, as well as a prolific author. She spent many years in the theater world and brings that lens to her writing too.

Plus, she’s got the best attitude—I’m always going to her for a mindset boost.

We covered a lot in this conversation:

• How to navigate the publishing world

• How to make writing work in your own life

• Why every writer needs a community—and the reason may not be what you think

• How to keep the joy alive in your work, even when it gets hard

There are so many gems in our talk—I know you’ll find something to take away that will make all the difference. Don’t miss this one.

You can find more about Julie at the links below:

Home Page


If you’re interested in joining Sisters in Crime, you can do that here:


And stay tuned for some big news coming up soon about a masterclass on mindful mystery writing!

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