Episode 41: How to keep creating when life throws you curveballs

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How many of you can say that life hasn’t always gone as planned?

Um, me, for one. Raising both hands here. And I have to tell you – it can be hard to stay on track creatively when these curveballs come. As much as we know deep down that life has other, bigger, better plans for us, these moments are hard. And when they happen, they usually throw our creative selves off track. It’s not easy to tap into that well when you’re feeling drained, sad, angry, or whatever you’re feeling.

I see you. And in today’s episode, I’m sharing my top three strategies to keep my creativity alive and well during a stressful time. I’m sharing:

• Why it’s important to slow down and regroup

• How to take small steps to get back to yourself and your work

• A personal story of how I used one of my biggest disappointments in my fiction, and how it helped me process

If you’re struggling with anything big right now, or even just the impending holiday season, you don’t want to miss this episode. Your creativity will thank you for tuning in.

And stay tuned for some big news coming up soon about a masterclass on mindful mystery writing!

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