Episode 42: How to find the blessing—and the next right step—in burnout with author Nicole Yanz

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If you’ve ever been in a job or a life situation that wasn’t serving you, it probably didn’t feel good, right?

I can totally relate, friend. I spent a lot of time in the past out of alignment, working in environments that didn’t serve me and leaving less than one percent of my brain available to actually do the creative work that I loved so much.

But guess what? It caught up with me. And I had to make a change.

I know I’m not alone. And today’s guest has also been down that road. Dr. Nicole Janz went from a career in academia to burning herself out – then totally revamping her life and pursuing her own writing as well as becoming a writing coach to help others like her.

I love the similarities in our journey and the insights we share. We talk about:

• How to use burnout to guide you to where you need to be

• Why being true to yourself is the only way to REALLY succeed in life

• A new type of journaling that can deliver the insights you’re looking for

• How to create space for yourself to find the right project, the right words or the right next step

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your writing – or your life – you don’t want to miss this episode.

I guarantee you’ll take away some life-changing tips on how to get on track.

And stay tuned for some big news coming up soon about a masterclass on mindful mystery writing!

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