Episode 43: “My first NaNoWriMo:” Two NaNo newcomers success stories

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You’ve heard me talk about NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – I did an episode on it leading up to the challenge. NaNo is a writing challenge in the month of November where you commit to writing 50K words during the month – so basically a draft of your novel.

I’ve been doing NaNo in some form or another for many years. And this year, I took my members in the Creativity Lab through it – many of them for the first time. And one of the things we talked about as we were prepping was making it work for you. Creating the right goal for themselves and their writing lives at this point in their journey. And celebrating their progress, whatever that goal was.

Today two of my members join me on the show. Both are at different stages of their careers – one of the has actually been on this podcast before. Dave Singleton is a seasoned memoirist and author who wanted to try his hand at a fiction project. And the other, Jill Jaramillo, is writing her first mystery novel. Both of them approached NaNo with different ideas of success in mind, and today they’re here sharing their experiences.

They talk about:

• Why they took the challenge in the first place, and how they made it their own

• How they overcame doubt, inner critics and other constraints to find success

• What they learned about themselves and their writing

• How it felt to stretch out of their comfort zone

This conversation was so inspiring for me – I hope it does the same for you. And if you missed NaNo this year, you don’t have to wait another year for it to come back around. I’m hosting another month-long writing challenge early in 2024.

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