Episode 44: How art promotes self-discovery with artist and writer Cindy Ingram

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“How do you explain a feeling? That’s what artists do.”

That’s a quote from my guest today, Cindy Ingram. This artist and writer has managed to capture her feelings about art in such a way that she was able to heal from trauma, rediscover her deepest self, reconfigure her business and fully show up for her life after being missing for a long time.

By using art as a way to delve into the hard stuff, Cindy was able to find a whole new lease on life—and she’s sharing that with the world in her new memoir, Art is About Being Whole. In her book, she explores various pieces of art through essays that serve as touchpoints for her story, her life and her healing.

Cindy and I talk about:

• Reconnecting with her inner artist and relearning how to make art and write

• What it’s like to use art as an exploration of mental health and trauma

• How she merged art and writing to tell a story of healing and becoming whole

• What the creative process teaches us about life.

This conversation was so profound—and I believe it can bring healing to a lot of people.

You can pick up Cindy’s book at https://artisaboutbeingwhole.com

And get more info on her work at https://artclasscurator.com

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