Episode 48: How to cultivate a life-changing mindset with author Stephanie Cansian

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The most important tool a writer has is their mindset.

If you’ve been in my world you’ve heard me say this before, but I’m going to keep saying it until we ALL get it. Mindset can mean the difference between starting a book and actually finishing it. It can mean the difference between a published author and someone who says, “I always wanted to write a book, but…”

I know this to be true from personal experience, so I love talking to people who live by the same ideas. My guest today is SO one of those people.

Stephanie Cansian is a copywriter, email marketer, and owner of the marketing agency Say It Simply. She loves trying new restaurants with excellent coffee, reading good books in comfortable chairs, and breaking a sweat everyday.

Her first book, “Change the World in $10 or Less” is available on Amazon.

And she is such an inspiration when it comes to how mindset can make a difference in the life you have—and get you to the life you want.

We talk about:

• How burpees played a role in changing her life

• How she stays motivated to write, run a business and pitch new clients—daily

• Mindset tricks to get what you want out of your brain—and your life

And so much more.

If you find yourself constantly battling with your own thoughts, you want to upgrade your life or you simply want to feel better every day, you can’t miss this episode.

Find out more about Stephanie at http://www.stephaniecansian.com/

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