Episode 49: Why creatives need each other with musician Gabe Bolkosky

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I truly believe community is at the center of all things creativity. As a writer who spends a lot of time in my own head, having other writers to talk to, brainstorm, commiserate and plot with and generally experience that feeling of being with “my people,” community is incredibly important to me. And it inspires creativity much more than any of us realize.

Musicians and writers aren’t so different. That sense of community and camaraderie is a common thread in today’s conversation.

My guest Gabe Bolkosky is a musician who also creates community and accountability for other musicians through online practice support, resources and workshops—so he’s a kindred spirit.

We talk about:

• How we approach our own creative work with the influence of community behind us

• How we really get to a place of peace and ease that helps our processes

• How we nurture our own communities—and what we’re always learning from them

• Why creatives need each other

And so much more. Gabe is such a kind and talented soul who takes so much pleasure in music and the musicians around him. There’s a lot to learn, so don’t miss our talk.

Find out more about Gabe at www.educationforhappiness.org

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