Episode 5: A manuscript’s journey to becoming a book

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Have you ever wondered about all that stuff that happens to get a book on the shelves of your favorite bookstore? For all the readers out there who aren’t living the ins and outs of publishing every day, it can seem like a murky process. At the 50,000 foot level, it’s pretty well known that writers write books, they edit them, then turn them into their editors and publishers, and then miraculously, a few months (or maybe a year) later they turn up on the shelves and people buy them and everyone lives happily ever after.

But what does that process actually look like? People ask me that a lot – what happens after you send a book in? How long does it take to edit? What kind of edits happen? How many people weigh in? Where do covers come from?

In this shorty episode, I walk you through what happens from the time a book gets turned into the publisher until it reaches your hot little hands.