Episode 54: How to overcome any challenge life throws at you with author Tracee Garner

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For anyone who’s ever faced a challenge in their life—or if you’re facing one now—this episode is for you.

My guest today is a truly inspirational person who approaches her life with a can-do attitude, despite the challenges that have been put in her path. As a disabled Black woman, Tracee has had to navigate MANY different worlds. And she’s done it with humor, joy and positivity, always keeping her eyes on the future and the life she wants to create.

And it was when she found writing in college that everything started to click into place for her.

Writing became the thing that changed her life—from when she first realized she could do it well, to when she realized she could teach it, to when she realized she could coach other writers. Today, she’s the author of 18 books, a speaker, writing coach, course creator and fierce disability advocate who speaks from her own experience. As someone living with muscular dystrophy, she loves to encourage others how to overcome their own personal barriers.

Tracee is really a force. We talk about:

• How she realized she was good at writing

• The magic of sharing creative energy with other writers

• Her experiences in both traditional and self-publishing

• The Author Life Fix

• Her work advocating for herself and other disabled people who face inaccessibility every single day

And so much more.

You can find out more about Tracee here: https://traceegarner.com/field-guide/

And follow her on Instagram @traceelydiagarner