Episode 69: How to Learn to Play Again in Your Writing with Leigh Shulman

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Ok, friends. I need to ask you. Are you having trouble holding yourself accountable to your writing? Are you struggling because you don’t have a lot of support or community around you?

I get you. 100 percent. I struggled with this too, until I found my people. Now my mission is to create that space for others to find THEIR people.

And when I talk about this stuff, it’s only natural that I’m attracting likeminded people into my world. I really believe that. When I met Leigh Shulman, it because super obvious that we had the same goals. She is a writer who also teaches people how to create the writing lives they want. Which is SO MY JAM.

We have a great conversation on what this means today, from figuring out your own writing process to what accountability means and how to find accountability partners that work for us, to how to actually enjoy writing. Which means fitting it into your life fitting your life into writing.

But I’m getting ahead of myself – I want you to listen to the conversation.

Here’s a bit about Leigh:

She’s an author and writing mentor and she founded The Inspired Writer Community, a women writers network for writers at any stage in their writing lives. Her bestselling book “The Writer’s Roadmap: Paving the Way To Your Ideal Writing Life” helps thousands find their way in the writing world. She also writes for publications including the Washington Post, Wired, and Insider. And she’s living her best life with her family in the mountains of Argentina.

We talked about everything from:

  • How the right writing community can help you find your voice
  • Why you need to figure out your own writing process instead of expecting someone else’s to work for you
  • What your main writing goal should be – regardless of the project
  • The internal work you have to do so you can write through every block

And so much more!

Tune in for some serious inspiration.


  • “I think a lot of it is learning how to play. Learning to just be in it. I say this to everybody I work with: you don’t need to know the entire process. You don’t have to know what you’re going to be doing even tomorrow. You just have to know your next step.”
  • “It’s always that why. Why do you believe it? Why does it make you feel that way? Why does it have that impact on you? And that act of going into someone else’s writing and being like,  Why is this having the impact on me? When you then go back to your own writing, you know how it’s taught you something about crafting your own writing.”
  • “Your writing life is very much based on what your core values are. What is this vision that you want for your life? What is it that you want your writing life to look like?” 
  • “Like so many other things that I think happen when you work or live in a creative field you know what you want, it might be hard to put it into words and you might be surrounded by people who can’t hear those words, even if you do put it into words,  but I’ve never met anybody who doesn’t already know the answer when I ask, What is it that you want for your writing life? Tell me in one sentence.” 

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