Episode 71: Turning off your brain and writing with your heart with author Jacqueline Fisch

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Do you spend too much time in your head?

That might sound funny to ask as a writer who uses her brain every day, but I promise it’s a serious question. Sometimes when I sit down to start a new book, my mind has already jumped MONTHS ahead to the deadline. Or a year ahead to the marketing and launch. And I haven’t even written a sentence yet.

And even though these are all things we need to be thinking about at some point, they could quite possibly be getting in the way of your creativity and the biggest job of all – getting the actual writing done.

My guest this week, Jacqueline Fisch, is the author of two non-fiction books for writers – Unfussy Life and Intuitive Writing. She is also a communications consultant, and the founder of The Intuitive Writing School. She helps creatives move past writer’s block and perfectionism so they can finish their important work, and she supports business owners in finding their authentic voice so they can make an impact on the world.

She’s an expert on turning off the brain and turning on the heart to bring your most authentic self to the page, whether you’re writing a book, copy for a website, a blog or any other writing endeavor.

We cover all kinds of fun things like:

• How to write using the energy of the moon cycles

• How to write through blocks like fear, procrastination and busyness

• The different energies you need for different parts of the writing process

• How to use empathy and authenticity in all your writing, even “boring” writing

And so much more.

We had such a great conversation and there are so many nuggets in here that I KNOW will help you on your writing journey.

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  • “Put the time on your calendar. Make it non negotiable. And even if it’s 30 minutes at the start of your day, that is my time to write. Even if I only get 15 minutes done in that 30 minutes, I still did something to move my writing project forward.” 
  • “It took me a while to embrace that title “writer.” Initially when I set out to write I started reading all the books on writing, and I also got to a point before I had started taking action,  where I looked at what I’d been doing and all I had been doing was reading about writing and not writing. So that’s when I said, put the books down, step away, you need to go do some stuff now.”
  • “Something that worked for me: I got rid of the idea of word count goal. Because the numbers aren’t really helpful to some people.”