Episode 72: Uncovering your authentic self through writing with author Karen Coccioli

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You might think I’m being dramatic when I say this, but I’m saying it anyway. Because I believe it with my entire heart. Writing can literally save your life. It saved mine, in so many different ways. And as I continue to evolve, it’s still saving me.

I think we all can have this experience if we’re open to it. If we allow ourselves to put our pen to paper, write in our journals, spill our deepest secrets. Write our books and our memoirs and share them with the world.

That’s how writing can save you – and point you in the direction of the right life at the same time.

My guest today knows this firsthand. Karen Coccioli is an author, a trauma survivor, and quite simply, a force in the world. She is passionate about language, writing, and most importantly, helping individuals embrace and live their authentic selves regardless of their age or past history.

Her memoir, Paradise, is also the foundation for the life lessons she’s learned over the years – including learning to love herself. And how she used writing to FIND herself in the first place – we talk a lot about what that looked like for her.

Karen is a published author and holds a Ph.D. in comparative literature, within the context of women’s meditations regarding gender identity, sexuality, and the gendered body.

Our conversation goes deep into topics including:

  • Writing your way into gender identity and sexuality
  • The importance of representation for LGBTQ+ individuals in the literary world
  • How writing can help in trauma recovery
  • How the “worst” experiences can be our largest creative blessings

And so much more.

Karen is so inspiring – I can’t wait for you to listen.

You can find out more about Karen and her work here: https://www.karenannecoccioli.com/

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