Full Moon Mysteries

Book 2

Witch Trial

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The Full Moon crystal shop in North Harbor, Connecticut, offers healing stones for all sorts of ailments. Unfortunately, there’s nothing among the gems that can help owner Violet Mooney learn how to wield the magick she inherited from both sides of her family—the legendary Ravenstar and Moonstone clans. As if being an apprentice witch weren’t difficult enough, Violet’s tutors are her estranged mother Fiona, a sister she never knew she had named Zoe, and a familiar in the form of a black cat, Xander.

Between learning spells, Violet is being investigated by the Magickal Council. A reporter out to debunk spiritualists was “genied”—her soul imprisoned inside a bottle—in Violet’s shop, and she can’t prove she didn’t do it. Meanwhile, her non-magickal life has become complicated when one of her crystal shop customers, Nicole St. James, goes missing and turns up dead, a victim of murder.

Determined to solve both crimes, Violet taps into powers she doesn’t understand, much less control—and finds herself conjuring up both supernatural and mortal enemies…

“The extensive cast of witches, whose numbers rival those of the mortal townspeople, sets up a striking parallel between the worldly and otherworldly justice systems… Likely to appeal to fans of witchy cozies.”
Kirkus Reviews
“Magical and enchanting, Violet and her cat Xander are sure to charm readers who like their mysteries with a bit of sparkle. Perfect for fans of Lynn Cahoon, Angela M. Sanders, and Carol J. Perry.”
—Jennifer Winberry, Assistant Library Director, Hunterdon County Library (Flemington, NJ)

Book 1

Witch Hunt

Violet Mooney is a 32-year-old witch—who has no idea she’s a witch. At least, until her life is turned upside down when a disagreeable town official is found dead, strangled with Violet’s favorite scarf, in the neighborhood courtyard. After the two had an argument in front of half the town. In the chaos that follows, Violet not only finds herself a suspect in a murder, but is also reunited with some long-lost family members, who have a big secret to share with her. They also have a job for her, if she’s willing.

In the days that follow, Violet has to clear her name in the mortal world—with no magical help—but also face the truth of her heritage, and accept that she has to assume a powerful role in a world she never even knew existed.

“Zippy and fun, with an otherworldly hook that’s further enhanced by characters with a little magic of their own.”
Kirkus Reviews
“A fascinating new para-witch cozy series! I loved the way this mystery felt like a magic carpet ride as I was swept away into Violet’s worlds…”
—Linda on Goodreads
“The author has crystallized the definition of enchantment with this spellbinding new series!”
—Lisa on Goodreads

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