Craft, Cats and Crystals

Dec 9, 2021

Welcome to the newest part of my website! I’ve been wanting to create a separate space outside of social media to gather with readers, and I’ve been listening to all of you to understand what it is you want to hear about from your favorite authors. So here goes.

On this blog I’m going to talk about a lot of things, some related to my books and some not. We’ll cover some of the basics of writing, because a lot of you responded to my survey about that – so thank you! We’ll talk about cozy mysteries, because I know you all are always looking for new authors to read, and I have plenty of recommendations!

We’re also going to talk about the things you’ve already told me you love, like cats (and dogs too, of course!), the animal rescue life, and all things mystical and woo woo in the hopes that I can help you improve your life with some of the tools, like crystals, that I’ve been using to enhance my own life – and of course Violet Mooney’s life. And I’ll be sure to remind you when I have new books coming so you don’t miss an installment.

Thanks for visiting, and make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter (at the bottom of this page!) to make sure you don’t miss the latest blog updates and other news!

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